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R95 KHT2


“We are absolutely delighted with the exceptional job executed by David James Solutions. Our experience

with them has been nothing short of fantastic, spanning from the very outset to the culmination of the


Right from the initial consultation, where we explored the realm of possibilities, James exhibited exemplary

professionalism and expertise. His responsiveness was truly commendable, promptly presenting us with mockups

and material samples that brought our vision to life. A meticulously detailed plan outlining the entire

shopfitting process was sketched out, underlining their commitment to transparency and precision.

James went above and beyond to ensure that the end product seamlessly aligned with the conceptual

drawings. His astute insights and suggestions breathed life into every detail, propelling the project towards a

higher level of aesthetic and functional excellence.

Throughout the project, our desires evolved, leading to a few modifications in the midst of the execution.

The David James Solutions team not only embraced these changes with open arms but executed them

flawlessly, all while adhering to the initially stipulated timeline. Noel and Keith, integral members of the team,

demonstrated an unwavering dedication to their craft, displaying a genuine pride in their workmanship.

The entire shopfit was wrapped up well within the allocated timeframe. As the curtains fell on this project, we

were met with a finished product that soared above and beyond our expectations. The level of artistry,

attention to detail, and sheer commitment that David James Solutions brought to the table was truly aweinspiring.

Without a hint of hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend David James Solutions and their services to any

industry seeking a top-tier, transformative shopfitting experience. Their blend of professionalism, creativity,

and dedication is a rare find that undoubtedly sets them apart.”

Richard & Richie Dore – Dore Optical